Roof racks and accessories for camping

Take more luggage with you on your camping trip

Rooftop Tents

Create a mobile base camp anytime, anywhere with a Yakima Rooftop Tent. Tough, ready for the elements and packed with useful features.


Your trusty sidekick for the convenience of pressurised water in the middle of nowhere. Available in different sizes, with a handy range of parts and accessories.

Water Load Assist

Yakima is setting a new standard in water sports racks, with our water load assist accessories. Making storing your kayak or water craft easy.

Water Accessories

Do you need an anchor or heavy duty straps for strapping your watercraft to your vehicle? Yakima's range of water accessories will surely help.

Roof Boxes

Yakima's camping roof boxes make transporting your cargo easy. There are an array of different box sizes to suit your needs.

Cargo Accessories

Carry more on your next camping trip, with Yakima's cargo accessories range. Whether you need to carry a spare tyre or even an axe, Yakima has you covered!

Vehicle Awnings

Enjoy camping; rain, hail or shine. Yakima's vehicle awnings offer excellent protection and our range has the accessories to make your set up easier.

Camping roof racks

Camping is a great way to get away from the daily grind and spend free time together with your friends or family. With a little help from Yakima you don’t have to worry about getting your gear and your friends safely to the campsite. This means you can enjoy your camping trip even more. Get your gear out of the car and take more friends!

Roof boxes: take more camping gear

A Yakima roof box gives you the opportunity to take more luggage with you and efficiently use space that would otherwise be wasted. Toss your tents, bags and packs in your roof box and get more friends on board on your next camping trip. Take a look at our SkyBox series: these sleek and aerodynamically designed roof boxes will take your gear to your destination in style. The TourCase roof boxes are a great blend of compact size and carrying capacity and are suitable for nearly all vehicles.

Accessories for more convenience

Carry more on your next camping trip, with our range of cargo accessories. All of our roof rack systems are fully compatible with our extensive range of specialised holders and brackets for accessories. You can take extra luggage or gas bottles, spare wheels and awnings. Would you like a little bit of adventure on your camping trip? Get your sports gear to your destination safely with a Yakima roof rack. Check out our kayak and canoe roof racks or snow board carriers.